Business Blog Topic Ideas: Brainstorming Tips

Team Bonafide
by Team Bonafide on November 28, 2011 in Business
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If you’re blogging, you know that producing fresh, high-quality content several times a week is a challenge.  The good news is, when you hit the creative wall there are several proven ways to get around it.  The next time your blogging efforts derail, try these sources for business blog topics and get back on track!

Frequently Asked Questions
Does your site have an FAQ page?  Do your sales and customer support teams log customers’ questions?  Use these questions to create a series of educational blog posts.  After all, your posts are there to answer questions and solve problems anyway.  If they’re targeting issues you already know are important to your audience, even better.

Industry News
Each week, do a search for the latest topics being talked about by others in your industry.  There’s always something going on that you can cover in your next blog post.  Make it easy for yourself by subscribing to blogs and websites in your niche. Just be sure to adapt the topics to your particular audience.

Existing Content
Reusing existing content is a great way to produce useful blog posts without having to come up with new material.  It’s called repurposing, and blog posts are the perfect vehicle for it.  Take a previously written white paper or ebook, divide it up, and turn these sections into a series of individual blogs.  Other sources?  Internal memos, video content and interviews can all be mined for your next blog post.

Another tip:  Don’t forget to take a look at older blog posts and see if you can update them with any new developments or information.

Personal Experiences
Not every blog topic has to come from outside sources.  In fact, people love to read about personal experiences that relate to their own.  Share experiences from your own life that relate to your readers’ problems and use them to address their pain points.  Or, share inspirational stories and lessons learned.  These are valuable educational tools that also engage and entertain.

Curated Content
If you’re committing to regular business blog posts, you may want to considercurating the content written by others.  Content curation is the organizing and sharing of content relevant to your niche audience.  Make the process more efficient by utilizing curation tools that sweep the Web looking for useful content. Build a library for borrowing ideas and inspiration.  Just be sure to credit sources when necessary.

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