Facebook Fan-Gating: What It is and Why It Works

Team Bonafide
by Team Bonafide on March 16, 2012 in Visibility
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What is a Facebook fan gate?  You may have heard of it, but you may not know what it can do for your Facebook marketing efforts.  Let’s go over the concept and why it works.

A fan gate for your Facebook business page is the equivalent of a welcome page for newcomers to your website.  Think of it as a landing page customized for anyone who has not yet “liked” you.  It’s a good idea for many reasons, but primarily because it encourages visitors to become fans. 

Yes, the fan gate could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  In fact, it’s an element of your page that could increase your fan base exponentially.  The trick is in how your fan gate is designed.  Here are some tips for a fan gate that helps you grow your business with Facebook:

  • Make it visually appealing and functional—include graphic elements that get attention and direct visitors to the Like button.

  • Make them an offer—a teaser, such as access to content or promotions exclusive to fans, will encourage visitors to “like" you.

  • Run a paid campaign—a paid advertising campaign will help direct people to your fan gate, thus increasing the number of visitors.  Consider running one in tandem with your fan gate page.

All elements of your fan gate page should make people want to hit the like button, so once you get them there, use compelling visuals and content to get them to act.  After all, once your visitor “goes through the gate”, they will have access to all specials, offers and content reserved just for fans.  Make sure that you make this clear on your fan gate page.  If all they have to do to engage with you and your other fans is to "like" you, why wouldn’t they?

Creating your fan gate and welcome pages

To create your fan gate, use apps made for the purpose.  Facebook has the iFrame app that you install on your fan page, then enter code and create the page.  You have the option to make a separate welcome page for returning fans, so be sure to do this.

Why?  Anyone who “likes” you is considered a returning fan, and their welcome page should be different.  Since they don’t need to be asked for a Like, their page can contain other information relevant to them, such as calls to action for a mailing list or promotions specific to the fan’s geographical area.  Your fan gate should be reserved specifically for visitors who need an introduction and a reason to engage with you further.

A fan gate is a great opportunity to turn more visitors into fans.  Here, you can invite them in, present valuable offers and even make a sale.  Need some inspiration?  Here are some examples of really good fan gates that have brought their companies a ton of new likes and fans.  Remember, all of your Facebook pages should reflect your company’s personality, and your fan gate is no exception.  Make it welcoming, and make it yours!

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