Do Business Blogs Work? 5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a Blog

Team Bonafide
by Team Bonafide on September 11, 2011 in Visibility
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When it comes to launching, or re-launching, a company blog, a surprising number of businesses drag their feet on the project. For some, the thought of writing weekly posts just seems overwhelming; for others, it just doesn't seem "new" or "exciting" enough to justify the input of time and energy.

If either of those sounds like you, then our best advice is to get over it. No, blogging isn't always easy… but it is a fantastic way to beef up your online marketing plan.

Here are five reasons every small and medium-sized business should have a blog:

It's a great way to communicate news and specials with your customers, and to get feedback from them. Top of mind awareness is one of the biggest keys to beating out your competitors, and engaging your customers in two-way conversation can lead to some really wonderful ideas. Why wouldn’t you want either of those benefits?

It positions you as an industry authority. It has been known for centuries that humans tend to place a lot of weight on the written word. That still applies, even if the words are "written" on a computer screen. The more you write and publish on your blog, the more knowledgeable you seem to your customers and prospects.

It forces you to stay on top of your industry. Lots of customers fear the constant hunting for topics that can come with a business blog, but that's actually one of its biggest benefits. Why? Because it forces you to read lots of industry news, keeping you fresh and informed about what's going on around you.

It's great for search engine optimization. Many business web designers and online marketing experts would put this as the biggest reason, and they would be justified. At a time when search engine optimization can make or break your company online, having lots of fresh, keyword-rich articles is a big advantage.

It can strengthen traffic and interest to the rest of your online marketing campaign. In the same way, building readership for your blog can have spillover effects into other areas of your online marketing campaign. If you want more fans on Facebook, more downloads for white papers or special reports, or more online product sales, then a continually updated blog is a good place to start.

A company blog should be one of the first pieces of your online marketing puzzle, especially gvien that they're easy and inexpensive to get started with.

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