Competitor Comparison Pages : A Success Story

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What are Competitor Comparison Pages? 

Your prospects are looking at your competitors too, so why not help shape the messaging? With competitor comparison pages, we help you showcase what sets your products apart and we help your prospects feel informed as they research options. 

When your prospects are in the consideration stage of their buyers’ journey, they are looking at your competitors too. They want to know what you offer that your competitors don’t and vice versa. By preparing content that compares you with your competitors, in a spirit of full disclosure and transparency, you can strengthen your relationship with and gain the trust of potential customers by offering an informative comparison with all the information in one place. 

Acknowledging what your competitors do well shows your prospects that you recognize the value in your competitor’s product or service and are fair-minded in evaluating your offering versus your competitors’. And sharing your competitor’s strengths opens the door for you to also point out ways your product or service might address some pain points in even more meaningful ways. If there are drawbacks to your product over a competitor’s offering, prospects will appreciate your forthrightness during the early stages of exploration, and you will avoid issues with disappointed customers after the fact.

Competitor comparison pages support inbound marketing

Client Success Story

Bonafide recently helped a relatively new medical services company prepare competitor comparison pages that highlighted all the things their well-known competitors were doing well, while also being able to differentiate their product by highlighting the additional benefits their product offered for users.

As they incorporated these pages into their paid and unpaid advertising and on their site, the competitor comparison pages received meaningful traffic, marked by high click through rates and lengthy session durations, from many prospects considering what they had to offer. By inviting customers to view a demo after perusing the comparison page, they opened a door to further questions and conversation about their product.

Our team would love to help you tell your competitive story with clear messaging and achieve the same results. Give us a call to chat about what Bonafide can do for you.

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