How to Create a Marketing Offer That Works

Roberto Mejia
by Roberto Mejia on September 4, 2012 in Strategy
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You want people to buy your business' products or services. And one possible way to drive sales is to present people with a great marketing offer. We have all seen some marketing efforts fall flat while others are hugely successful. What is the difference, and how can you make sure your offer actually produces results?

Here are four keys to creating a marketing offer that they can't refuse:

1.  Have a great product or service to offer.
This one might seem obvious - People will only buy something they want or need, at a price that they find attractive. 

Now, you could say that the "product" in your marketing offer is not just the physical item (or service) itself but the presentation of that item in the offer. This is where your copywriting or images come in. You may truly have the best burger in town but will people know that or believe that based on your marketing?

2.  Provide a reason to act now.
People may actually want to take advantage of your offer but just never get around to it. Some products or services are naturally time-sensitive: if something important breaks you need a repair service now. A maintenance plan that could prevent that from breaking does not carry the same sense of urgency. 

You can introduce a sense of urgency by putting a time limit on the offer with a clear expiration date. Or, you could provide only a set limited quantity at that price which creates an ambiguous time limit: people know that the offer will expire when the last unit is sold but they do not know exactly when that will be. Therefore, the sooner they respond to the offer the better off they will be. 

3.  Be timely.
Besides having a time limit you want the timing of the offer itself to make sense. 

Some items, such as fireworks or gardening seeds are obviously seasonal and will do best at certain times of year. However, in today's online world, where "trending" has become such a big word, there can be huge waves of interest and popularity that shift like the tide. If you are able to quickly respond to relevant online trends with timely offers such as eBooks you can turn that into a big competitive advantage. 

4.  Invite them on the bandwagon. 
"Everyone is doing it." That type of argument still works long after junior high. If you can show that your product or service is popular--either with a large number of people in general, or with a few specific people that they care about or trust--you improve the attractiveness of your offer.

From a consumer's standpoint, there is safety in numbers. Thousands of customers can't be wrong--or, if they are wrong, there is no shame in everyone being wrong together.

Roberto Mejia

Roberto Mejia

While specializing in web development and inbound marketing, Roberto Mejia prides himself in always learning and improving as much as possible.