How to Build Your Email List & Increase Subscribers

Roberto Mejia
by Roberto Mejia on November 23, 2011 in Strategy
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Building an email list can seem like a daunting task for any marketer.  It takes time and effort to create a subscriber list that produces results.  That being said, a solid, targeted email list is a proven way to convert more visitors into paying customers, so it’s well worth your time.

What are the secrets to building an effective email list?  If you want more subscribers—and more of the revenue they bring with them—try these simple email marketing tips:

1. Include an opt-in form on your site.  Basically, this is your invitation to subscribe. An email address will suffice at this point, so keep it simple and only ask for basic information.  

2. Offer an incentive.  One of the most effective ways to prompt consumer action is to give them something in return.  Offer an incentive, such as an ebook, white paper or free trial membership, and you’ll get a much better rate of response.

3. Lure them with great content.  Each page of your website should contain only high-quality, engaging, problem-solving content.  Blog posts, articles, home page information and product descriptions are the lures that draw people to your site, make them stay and trust you enough to give you their contact information.  So make sure it’s really good stuff.

4. Reach out to your market.  You don’t always have to wait for your subscribers to come to you.  Discover where they hang out online and go there.  Engage with them on social media.  Join the discussions.  Invite them to check out your offerings by linking to your site on forums, Q & A sites and article directories.

5. Offer to write guest blog posts.  Guest blogging for authority sites is a great way to get exposure to a larger audience and can also bring high-quality links to your site.  It’s another simple but effective way to draw people to your squeeze page.

Here's a tip:  Guest posts are an opportunity to really showcase your knowledge about your topic, so make them count.  Remember—people will only click on that link if the content you provide offers the information they need to solve their problems and answer their questions.

Of course, when you’re done implementing all of these fabulous ideas, don’t forget to keep in touch with your subscribers by sending them a regularly scheduled email newsletter that informs, engages, and keeps them coming back for more.

Roberto Mejia

Roberto Mejia

While specializing in web development and inbound marketing, Roberto Mejia prides himself in always learning and improving as much as possible.