Pipeline Generation Boot Camp 4 Sales Tips to Roar!

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pipeline generation bootcamp

Thanks to Bonafide I recently wrapped up an 8 week pipeline generation boot camp with Dan Tyre (@dantyre) and connected with an invaluable Lion network at HubSpot Project LION.


roar like a lion and add a human touch

Our feline mammalian counterparts are a very social animal, forming social units, or “prides” consisting of about 15 lions. Like us, they have networks, and well, they hunt. Okay, not all of us hunt, but figuratively speaking, we work for our food. We clock in the hours at work, whether we treat migraine pain or build steel buildings (a couple of our clients 😉), the end goal is to put food on the table.

The Humanistic Approach

Putting food on the table, alongside water and sleep, are our organisms most basic physiological needs. Our hierarchy of needs is a theory of psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in regards to human motivation and behavior. It is a classification system - starting at the bottom of the pyramid towards the top, the stages are: physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Maslow proposed for the motivation to occur at the next level, the previous level must be satisfied within the individual first.

Self-actualization, the top of the pyramid, is the realization of one’s best self. The humanistic approach theorizes that we all have the inherent desire to reach this best self and this will ultimately be the driving force in our behavior. The humanistic approach to psychology encompasses that all humans are inherently good. 

Not only am I seeking to better myself, but I am truly looking to help others achieve success in their respective fields. A man is only as good as his word means a good person is not only one who makes a promise to deliver but lives up to these expectations. I would not taint my name. So much of business occurs because of referrals and/or reviews, so to satisfy an existing client can help one grow existing business or expand business (enter the flywheel of business).


4 Big Tips to Roar!

To reach this best self HubSpot Project Lion – Pipeline Generation Boot Camp taught me and helped me hone in on some very invaluable social and sales:

  1. Always Be Helping – According to Dan, Always Be Closing is dead. As the consumer has gained the upper hand in recent years with the ability to do research at the tip of their fingertips, the salesman need to be able to offer value. You can’t help everybody. Your offerings may be different from their needs and not everyone is the right fit for your business. Understanding where your prospect is within their buyer’s journey enables you to offer help consistent with their needs and build trust. The business will follow. And if they are not the right fit, they might refer you elsewhere. Remember, it’s about what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Be enthusiastic and arouse in the other person an eager want.
  2. Build Rapport – When connecting with someone, do your research on that person first. They will appreciate it. Does their company have any recent news? Does the individual share any interests with you? Most people don’t read the emails they get. Ensuring your prospect reads your email – it starts with the title, make it catchy, then continue to grasp their attention with the first line. Give honest and sincere appreciation.
  3. Active Listening – Truly listen to the prospect and encourage them to talk about themselves. Too quickly, we jump at our opportunity to talk, but if we listen, we can gain trust by understanding buyer needs. Verbally confirm your understanding of their situation and ask follow up questions that encourage prospects to expand on their goals, challenges, and growth plans. Be genuinely interested in other people.
  4. Smile and call! – The sales come to those who pick up the phones! When making a call stand up and smile. An open stance, chest, and arms open, allows you to breathe better and speak more comfortably and relaxed. Body language translates to verbal language. Using video for prospecting is also an attention grasping prospecting tool (they see 5x higher open rates). Show personality and convey your message by gesturing your arms and hands.

All in all, the Project LION Boot Camp was an invaluable resource for my professional and personal development. I looked forward to seeing Dan’s enthusiasm weekly and look forward to reflecting this eagerness to learn and develop alongside my prospects, colleagues, and clients.

If you are looking for advice on establishing or reaching your growth goals and how to use the web for lead generation and competitive advantage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over here at Bonafide. We are a HubSpot Gold Partner ready to tackle your unique needs! 

George Moustakelis

George Moustakelis

Always curious and constantly learning, I love to learn how things work